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The stuff that dreams are made of

fra kr 2.240

“The stuff that dreams are made of is steam! So now you know how those waltzing-in-the-clouds film scenes are done. These ballet dancers are in a dream sequence in the film “Melba”. This is what happens. First they take up their swooning poses again a cloudy backcloth -and in front of huge trays of dry ice. “Action” the producer cries. Propane pour buckets of hot water on the ice, a fan blows the resulting steam in a deep layer across the floor there they are – waltzing in the clouds… Brings you down to earth, doesn’t it? The scene is being shot, by Horizon Pictures, at Covent Garden. London, October 8 th, 1952.

Photo: Archive Sturlason

Giclée Fine Art Print.

Produsert eksklusivt av Polyfoto Vintage. Leveres med preg og med hvit kant, som vist.

Størrelser: 30×40, 40×50, 50×70, 60×80, 80×100

Fotografiene lages på din bestilling, så leveringstiden vil være 5-7 virkedager. Sendes i papprør.

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