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Not amused at the sight, London 1971

fra kr 2.240

Window-shoppers in London’s busy Kensington High Street were treated to an extraordinary eyeful on Saturday lunchtime (20.03.71). There, in the window of the Super-Store boutique, was a very lifelike model, with bare breasts. The model looked lifelike because she was alive. It was dusky Lucianne Camille, whose presence certainly achieved the desired affect of drawing attention to the boutique´s latest fashions in leather. But like most good things, the exhibition soon came to an end. A policeman arrived on the scene and told store boss Alan Tobin to remove the model. P.S. A passing nun is not amused at the sight of topless Lucianne Camille standing in the window of a Kensington boutique.

Photo: Arkiv Sturlason

Giclée Fine Art Print.

Produsert eksklusivt av Polyfoto Vintage. Leveres med preg og med hvit kant, som vist.

Størrelser: 30×40, 40×50, 50×70, 60×80, 80×100

Fotografiene lages på din bestilling – leveringstiden vil være 5-10 virkedager.

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